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A Year in Review from Founder and CEO, Mary “Bulldog” Wynn

Jan 5, 2022 | The Wynn Group

The Wynn Group BrokersCongratulations on making it this far! 2021 has been a wild ride, Covid has thrown us some challenges to say the least, but I am thankful to have clients, friends, and staff such as yourself. They say a person’s success is measured by their lifetime relationships and lets say I am extremely grateful and blessed.

2021 was a fantastic growth year for me, not simply financial but for overall internal growth, challenges and reflection.

This year I took gigantic steps and calculated risks that make your skin crawl and gives you goosebumps, all in preparation for taking the firm in the direction I never knew it could go and anyone that knows me, knows I am a risk taker, so to get a risk taker out of their comfort zone is a huge accomplishment and I owe that all to my Team Coach 2019 Forbes Coach Council Michael Langhout with Langhout International (www.langhoutinternational.com) .

The Wynn Group Business Brokers

I grew and accomplished more in the last year than I have in the last 10 years, and I truly owe it all to him. He pushed, he had me read, he educated me on the process, made me think big, like 3HAG (Hairy Audacious Goal) big and most importantly held me accountable. But more notable is that I started this transformation journey with Coach Mike with my team instead of individually, so we all had equal open nonjudgmental input into where we want to go as a firm. When you open yourself up (as a CEO) your biggest fear is making yourself vulnerable and waiting to know what your team really thinks. It was an eye opener like no other and deeply satisfying. We have completed a full year and have lots of surprises in the future. As a team we took big strides- nothing we do is done alone ever again.

The Wynn Group Broker TeamI want to take a minute and personally thank and acknowledge each team member; Kris Wilson for being a true leader and the voice of reason, always willing to help and eager to learn, a sponge, and a top producer; Joe Percaccialo for helping brainstorm what is takes to be successful and using his natural abilities to always be charming, intelligent and kind; Amanda Richards who has blossomed like a spring bouquet with grace and intelligence, she gets it right the first time and she will do amazing things; Oliver Rodriquez, our hardworking good natured broker, that never takes no for an answer and is terrific at looking at all sides this will indeed carry him far; Karrie Bauer, our director of Chaos-she is the glue that keeps us together, there is nothing she won’t or can’t do, without her we would be lost and finally Cassie Thomas our extremely dependable always says yes I can do with a smile listing coordinator and social media guru that with her attitude helps to foster a calm environment ; Each and everyone brings something unique and special to the table, we have what it takes to go to the Superbowl of Commercial Brokerage and win!

In closing, I thank all of you for hanging in there and believing in us like we believe in you. You have trusted us with your most valuable assets, your businesses and livelihood and for that we are extremely grateful. We wish you a Happy New Year ! Here’s to 2022…CHEERS!

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